Amplifying Your Story – “the art of filling SEATS”

  • Securing leads
  • Engaging with ongoing communication
  • Automating your processes
  • Telling a clear story
  • Sharing industry incite and expertise

Many people have had the experience of sitting in the back of a large auditorium and being able to hear what is spoken on stage even when there is little, if any, sound amplification. Others have been in much smaller spaces, seated much closer to a speaker or performer, and yet have been unable to hear what is going on up front. Why this difference? The answer lies in the acoustics of each space.

Acoustics is a science that has to do with measuring the transmission of sound waves.    (Source)

Marketing is also a science. The science of measuring and optimizing the effectiveness of your communication. Without measures, we don’t know what to amplify. Do you have a large auditorium where everyone can hear your message clearly, or are you in a smaller space, and no one hears you?

Over the next 5 blog posts we will dive a little deeper and share examples of each of the 5 elements of filling SEATS to amplify your story.