Now that you have a basic understanding of what it means to amplify your story, let’s talk specifically about principal 1 – Securing Leads.

A report issued by Pew Research Center in March of 2018 states that 89% of Americans access the internet. Because of this increased access, the internet provides ample opportunities to obtain sales leads.  However, the acquisition of sales leads is a strategic process that requires skill and effort. Businesses gain quality sales leads and prospects by using the internet to educate and offer solutions to consumers’ unmet needs or problems. For example, tech businesses may provide e-books, hold webinars, and broadcast podcasts to educate consumers on the use of a product or software. Sales professionals hold interactive online sessions and publish white papers and Q&A material. (Investopedia)

Here are a few practical examples of steps to take to help secure leads:

  1. Offer some level of education and thought leadership that meets an unmet need. Keep your site relevant and up to date. Start a blog. Tell your story.
  2. Put rich content behind forms to allow you to learn something about your prospective customer.
  3. Connect your Contact Us form with your CRM.
  4. All tracking starts with email so collect an email address at a minimum.

Case Study
Company A had a tremendous amount of traffic coming to their website, but they were not converting that to blog subscribers or to leads. Implementing Active Campaign forms allowed for a 7% increase in blog subscribers, and a substantial increase in lead conversion- people indicating that they wanted their paid services and not just people reading their content. Now they can optimize their efforts to generate leads and convert the leads to revenue, based on data.

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