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Persuasion Framework:

Are you looking for a proven methodology for lead generation? Bruck Marketing has identified the right platforms to streamline, integrate and ultimately increase your lead generation effectiveness.

Connect with your ideal client through social and marketing technology platforms that allow you to streamline your lead generation process. 

What type of business are you?

Business to Business or Business to Consumer

Whether you are B2B or B2C, we have a plan for you. We recommend you start with our Brand Lab Workshop so we can learn more about your business and then use the Brand Book to guide your messaging in your Marketing Leads program. But we are flexible. It is not required. However, if you have been through our Brand Lab Workshop, we will offer you discounted pricing on both our Business to Business and Business to Consumer Marketing Lead programs.

Packages & Pricing

* Campaigns are managed in Active Campaign, pricing may vary depending on number of contacts and use of other campaign management tools.

Set up fees may also apply.

Extension Services

We make every effort to empower you to fully own and operate your website and all your materials. We’re embarrassed that so many in our industry hold their client’s websites hostage. We don’t do that. So we can execute and turn it back over or continue to support your marketing efforts as an extension of your existing team.

There are a few things we’re particularly good at doing. We think you should stick around for these…

Customer & UX Research

Together, we’ll establish research objectives, methodologies, and target audiences. Bruck Marketing will manage the research and report back with actionable insights.

Web Development

We’ll build and maintain a website informed by UX Design, Decision Science, and Story Schemas. And we’ll make sure you are in a good position to own and maintain it. Your website is a living document and the ultimate reflection of your brand.


Every piece of collateral is a reflection of your brand. We’ll help keep you honest to a design system and generate great looking materials that will make you glad you kept us around. And we’ll make it easy for you to own and manage those materials without us.

Email Automations

When a site visitor is kind enough to provide their email address, they should be instantly rewarded with great content and an invitation for a next action. What other work are you doing manually now (or neglecting) that we can help automate?

SEO Health

Now that your website is a persuasion machine, you’ll want prospects to find it easily. We can get the basics in place for you, and when a deeper SEO solution is needed, we’ll connect you with an SEO expert.

Content Marketing

Your blog is the best way to keep the conversation going so you are the first name prospects think of when they are ready to buy. And more content, linking, and sharing = more search engine traffic.