User-Centric Digital Product Design and Consulting

User-Centric Digital Product Design and Consulting

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Studies estimate that 75-95% of digital products fail. We help your product succeed with best practices, informed decisions, developer-friendly Figma prototypes, and designs that make customers want to stick around.

Measurement and Reporting Product Design


From 2006-2018, Brian Gundersdorf led the ideation, research, design, and development of Scout. Agencies used this industry-leading BI platform to optimize billions in annual ad spend for some of the world’s largest brands.

Scout was profitable within a few months of kickoff—quickly converting intermittent 4- and 5-figure contracts into annual, recurring 6-figure contracts—and ultimately contributing to company valuation, acquisition, and VC funding. 

“Brian was the secret sauce that made our products great.”

- Aviv Roth, Former Senior Director of Engineering, Velocidi

Data Visualization

Scout empowered users to bring data stories to life with highly configurable drag-and-drop visualizations like Burst (right-side image).

Burst is a forest and trees view of marketing performance—an incredibly quick way to spot misalignment of spend and ROI from the channel level all the way down to the unit.

Data Management

Users could connect, import, cleanse, combine, aggregate, and transform data in Scout.

To change or group text, users would switch to Rulebook mode, click the text value, enter the new label, and run the rule. Metric values could be changed at an aggregate level. And the user could choose how the metric change was distributed to the more granular levels of data. These were near-real-time, intuitive, orderable, and reversible changes.

Recent Projects

In 2023, we helped clients with product needs at a range of scales: from solving unique UI challenges for a few screens; to discovery, design, and prototyping of a 70+ screen platform.

Product Design


It’s an online loan application, a hub for managing loans, a messaging platform, a task queue, a light CRM, and more!

It’s a 70+ screen Loan Portal—soon to be the center of activity for a huge swath of solar installation contractors and bank employees.



This e-commerce optimization platform will help sellers manage the hundreds of measures, opportunities, and obstacles that impact online sales.

Brian provided a handful of guiding interface designs as well as brand and product consulting.

Product Solutions


How can we empower families to choose music instructors, bulk-schedule recurring lessons, and manage scheduling conflicts for individual weeks?

Brian designed a three-column approach that visualizes recurring-week scheduling and exceptions.

Market Research

Research informs better product decisions! Example: A Pharma-Tech company wanted to determine how (and if) to go to market with a new product. We designed and conducted a survey and interviews with target customers, analyzed  the results, and reported back with insights:

  • Identified the buying decision team, preferred cost models, and pricing expectations.
  • Surfaced buyer sentiment, positioning options, a niche market, and key differentiators—and sales strategies for each target company size.

“Brian’s clear enthusiasm for the product, easygoing nature, and effortless expertise made him a favorite collaborator of customers and colleagues alike.”

- Rich Boniface, Former VP of Data Services / Senior Engineer, Velocidi

UI Models

Starting with the best possible interface model can be a huge boost to the adoption and stickiness of a product. For a recent loan management project, Brian showed the client five familiar models that would serve the requirements well (email, tabular, card-based, Kanban, and feature). Benefits of this approach:

  • Immediately intuitive to users.
  • Fewer new UX/UI decisions to be made.
  • Proven responsive design translations between desktop and mobile.

“Brian would take a challenging problem, turn it sideways in his head, and find a new way to think about it that was unseen before.”

- Andy Fox, Former EVP of Product Development & Operations, Velocidi


Brian is UX-certified with a fully documented process. From research, personas, and user stories to user flows, wireframes, prototypes, and user testing—you’ll be well-supported in deciding which steps are right for your product. 

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