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Persuasion Framework:

Discover your brand through the eyes of your ideal customer. Our Messaging+ Workshop can be leveraged on it’s own or as a way to kick off a partnership with Bruck Marketing.

What do you do?

“It’s complicated.” Your business offers multiple solutions, and you don’t want to downplay the depth of your products or services. But you have a nagging feeling that you are confusing and losing potential customers. The best practices of storytelling, user experience, and decision science can solve this problem for you in two weeks.  

Discover your brand through the eyes of your customer with our BrandLab Messaging+ workshop. We bring your ideal customers, their challenges, and your solution into a high-stakes story that engages customers and guides their decisions. 

How it Works

Your team will spend 2.5 hours in a tightly planned discovery session. Our clients keep telling us they leave this session with greater clarity about their own business—especially from the point of view of their ideal customer. 

In the week following this session, we internalize our notes, follow up with questions, and research the market. We create and iterate core brand messages informed by best practices of storytelling, decision science, UX research, and your feedback. Within 2 weeks of the discovery session, Bruck Marketing provides a Brand Book which includes detailed discovery notes, your brand messaging, and style codification and recommendations.

We do all of this for half the price our competitor charges for a messaging-only workshop and with less of a time-burden for your internal team. You will work directly with Laura and Brian through the entire process, and you will own and control everything we create together.

I think the BrandBook is exceptional and we’ll use this as a reference for EVERYTHING!!!

Judy Schaefer

Chief Operating Officer, Allied Executives

I found Bruck Marketing’s workshop highly effective in helping me clarify and articulate my business’s core value in a way that best resonates with prospective clients. This is a subtle paradigm shift that matters.

With Bruck’s help, I have been able to adjust nearly all aspects of marketing, messaging and lead generating activities resulting in more qualified lead opportunities. I highly recommend.

Ken Purse, Esq.

Principal Member, Research Contract Consultants

Packages & Pricing

It’s Not Over

Bruck Marketing will follow-up with a proposal for your ongoing marketing needs. Whether you need website development, customer research, content and relationship marketing, or strategic support, we have a plan for you