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Metrics in Your Brand Story?

At Bruck Marketing, we are proponents of telling stories your ideal customers can relate to. But we also love data. And we think these two things go together like peas and carrots. In this article, we'll share good ways to use metrics to amplify your story and help...

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Help Customers Decide

I recently shopped for home stereo speakers. The options seemed endless. Each brand had provided plenty of features for me to compare. But none of them made it easier for me to make a decision. So, I put it off, hoping it would be easier to decide later. I was fooling...

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5 Steps to a Successful Thanksgiving Dinner

How to Win a Thanksgiving Debate It's tempting to believe that customers come to your website, carefully read, review and weigh your offering, and then make informed decisions. What actually happens is that customers form opinions in a fraction of a second, establish...

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Marketing Empowerment through Technology

“authority or power given to someone to do something" “the process of becoming stronger and more confident” In life, technology is rapidly changing the way we do things. The same phenomenon is dramatically impacting digital marketing. How will you grow in this field...

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What is Your Story?

Driving prospects to your website before you get the messaging right isn’t just a waste of money—it burns valuable leads who are unlikely to return. So, at Bruck Marketing, we use our persuasion frameworks to help small-businesses create clear and compelling messages...

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