The final principal in “Filling SEATS” is sharing industry insight and expertise.

62% of B2B buyers say that a web search is one of the first three resources they use to learn about a solution.

In fact, in a different study, 94% of buyers reported using online research at some point in the purchasing process. (Source)

Make sure your website shares all of the reasons why a buyer should choose to do business with you.

I am a marketer, I know very little about Accounting. When I met with my accountant, she was overwhelmed with the idea of starting a blog, yet I had seen her take very difficult concepts and explain them very simply to a group of entrepreneurs. Take one simple idea and no matter how trivial it seems – share a perspective on it.

If you are saying something new and unfamiliar, you will help someone understand how you can help them. If you say something that is already understood, you are reinforcing a concept, and validating alignment on business principals or concepts.

Starting a blog is the easiest way to share your expertise. Once you are proficient at that, your next step is to create more valuable content that you can put behind forms. Remember back to the securing leads post… tech business may post e-books, hold webinars, and broadcast podcasts to educate consumers on the use of a product or software. Sales professionals hold interactive online sessions and publish white papers and Q&A material.

If nothing else, be confident that if you handed your business card to a prospective buyer, they can go to your website, and it reinforces everything you just spoke to them about, and maybe a little bit more.

At your busiest times, you have probably thought, “if only I could clone myself, I could get so much more done.” There’s no replacing the personalized interactions you can provide to your prospective customers. But your website and blog are your chance to tell your story—even when you aren’t there. They will serve you well in your quest to fill SEATS.