One of the challenges as a small business owner is that you have to market and sell yourself AND deliver your product or service. Time is your worst enemy. You need to find ways to streamline processes, and leverage tools to help you follow-up on inquiries and keep your prospects and clients engaged.

It all starts with using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and establishing the discipline needed to manage your contacts and your pipeline in that CRM. What that affords you is the ability to leverage marketing automations to increase your productivity.

Case Study  (A simple example of a marketing automation.)

Company A has 3 forms in front of 3 valuable downloads. When a site visitor enters information to get access to the download, they are asked if they are interested in Product A, B, or C. If they request more information about Products A,B or C, the business owners are notified, but instead of being burdened with all of the follow-up, they leverage Active Campaign’s marketing automations and are able to focus on the personalized follow-up once the lead has been further qualified.

These automations save Company A time and money and allow them to stay focused on delivering world-class services.

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