A strategy designed to foster customer loyalty, interaction and long-term engagement – Relationship Marketing.

There are a number of ways that you can engage with your prospects, and followers. If you are successfully driving traffic to your website, and you have a blog, then make subscribing to that blog easy. Starting small is fine, but leverage multiple channels to communicate, and start to capture emails, and opt ins so that you can start the conversation on a regular cadence through a Newsletter, or a simple blog email.

You are the expert in your field. You are passionate about what you do, so share that passion and emotion with others. When you tell your story with emotion, you will start a conversation and “what you do” will translate to those that have a need.

Case Study

Do you have a list of contacts that list can be imported into Active Campaign, and managed as not just a list, but through a CRM. Once you communicate with your contact via Active Campaign, you will have visibility to their open rates, clicks, and overall website activity. Understanding that activity helps you to have the right conversation about what they are interested in.

Company A was using MailChimp to send a weekly blog, but without the CRM behind it there was no data other than open rates and click throughs. Now Company A has visibility to who clicked, how many times they clicked, and can even score their behaviors so they can focus on the most engaged contacts. A prospect filled out a form on Company A’s website and asked for some follow-up. Company A knew what they had already reviewed and downloaded on their own to ensure they were providing the right information to extend the conversation. 

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