“authority or power given to someone to do something”

“the process of becoming stronger and more confident”

In life, technology is rapidly changing the way we do things. The same phenomenon is dramatically impacting digital marketing. How will you grow in this field if you are not empowered and learning new skills on a daily basis? If you are outsourcing part of any of your marketing today, are you partnering with a company that enhances what you are doing, and makes your internal team better?

Or, are you partnering with a company that is making you feel like you are being held hostage. Do they manage your website? Do they tell you what you can and cannot change on that website?

Digital marketing is built on the premise that as marketers we are constantly creating digital content. That content might be blogs, white paper, or just features on our website. Search engine optimization is most effective when your content is consistently being updated, and that helps you to establish your relevance and authority.

Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, adding content, modifying html, and associated coding to both to increase the relevance of specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Pretty basic stuff.

But how can you accomplish this basic stuff when you are not a web developer? You hire an agency. The irony is so many agencies are focused first on protecting their long-term business that they are actually making an effort to make editing content, adding content, modifying html, etc. a challenge. A billable challenge.

The truth is there are numerous tools available to you as a marketing team that allow you to manage the website yourself. Don’t get me wrong – having a strong support system form hosting, and managing the site in the event there are technical issues is critically important. But, don’t let the marketing agency lock you down so completely that you are unable to grow as a marketing organization and unable to drive your business forward by establishing sold lead generation programs and establishing thought leadership in your industry.

At Bruck Marketing, we not only empower our partners to create a marketing infrastructure they feel comfortable managing, we teach them how to manage their ongoing efforts through various tools and support them for as long as the added work and support is needed. We use the Bruck Marketing Foundations Report to help identify how all of the tools are interconnected. Feel free to download this simple tool and empower your team to understand and control their marketing technology as well as outline a plan for marketing growth.

We believe that everything starts with clear and consistent messaging, and as an extension of your team we will not only increase your bandwidth, but everything we do, we will set up as something that you can do for yourself in the future.

Contact us today for your complimentary marketing empowerment and marketing foundations assessment.