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Creating, Showcasing, and Amplifying Experiences

As creators and sellers of products and services, we are driven to perfect our craft. We promote the value of our products, and the depth of our expertise. Those things are important. But by also focusing on experiences, we can unlock new opportunities for...

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Sharing industry insight and expertise

The final principal in “Filling SEATS” is sharing industry insight and expertise. 62% of B2B buyers say that a web search is one of the first three resources they use to learn about a solution. In fact, in a different study, 94% of buyers reported using online...

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Telling a Clear Story

“Marketing used to be advertising. Now, marketing is everything you do. And what you do either adds to the experience or takes away from it.”  Seth Godwin We all know what we know, but more importantly “we don’t know what we don’t know” and that is where telling our...

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Automating Your Processes

One of the challenges as a small business owner is that you have to market and sell yourself AND deliver your product or service. Time is your worst enemy. You need to find ways to streamline processes, and leverage tools to help you follow-up on inquiries and keep...

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Engaging with Relationship Marketing

A strategy designed to foster customer loyalty, interaction and long-term engagement – Relationship Marketing. There are a number of ways that you can engage with your prospects, and followers. If you are successfully driving traffic to your website, and you have a...

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Securing Leads

Now that you have a basic understanding of what it means to amplify your story, let’s talk specifically about principal 1 – Securing Leads. A report issued by Pew Research Center in March of 2018 states that 89% of Americans access the internet. Because of this...

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